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The program of studies of Management course conducted is the only program of this type among Polish universities of economics.

Studies offer a comprehensive approach to the subject of management. They give you skills for setting targets, personnel management and coordination of projects. Acquired during the studies competencies and skills allow for quick and easy transition from the study stage to professional work.

BA specialties MA specialties
Business Management Social Communication and PR
Advertising Project Management
Marketing Business Psychology
Human Resources Management Digital Economy in Business
International Logistics
Psychology is a discipline that studies behavior and a number of different kinds of sensations we experience and circumstances in which they occur.

Psychologists seek an answer to the question of what human nature is. To answer this question, they analyze internal processes of the individual and the processes that take place in social and physical environment. During our studies you will gain knowledge and competence in the field of personality, you willll learn about memory and learning processes. You will understand the principles of human behavior and gain skills that will help you to cope with the contemporary labor market in Poland and Europe as well as in the development of entrepreneurship.

BA studies
Neuromarketing (BA)
Psychology (BA)(MA)
MA studies
Psychology of Business and Leadership (MA)
Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (MA)
The program covers the broad issues concerning the functioning of the banking system and economic analyzes used in the process of assessing the effectiveness and safety of the enterprise in the market economy.

It covers issues related to finance, accounting and management that are the basis of the methods and tools used by leaders in the international market. Classes are taught by professionals with extensive experience gained in organizations and companies of significant power in the capital market. Acquired during the studies competencies and skills allow for quick and easy transition from the study stage to professional work.

BA specialties MA specialties
Banking and Insurance (BA) Accounting (BA)(MA)
Financial Management (BA)(MA) Audit and Controlling (BA) (MA)
International Finance and Trade (BA)(MA)
John Donne’s famous No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent can very well relate to modern countries. International relations help to focus our attention on global issues and how they affect politics, law, economics, and history.

Thanks to this course you will learn to analyze the political, social and business issues in the international sphere. Study program includes such subjects as political affairs, international law, macroeconomics, world history, diplomacy, negotiations and conflict resolutions, leadership, human rights, trade and financial regulation etc.

BA Specialties
Smart City Society (BA)
International Relations (BA)
Social Comunication and PR (BA)
Information Engineering in Public Space (BA)
Journalism (BA)
Students of Computer Engineering receive specialized education in the field of technical sciences.

They can be employed as designers of web and mobile applications, network administrators and systems programmers, database administrators, specialists in implementation and testing of software, creators of portals and web applications, as well as system analysts and project managers.

BA specialties
Computer Engineering (BA)
Computer Graphics and DTP (BA)
The field of study is aimed at training professionals in the computer graphics processing.

The program of studies includes subjects of aesthetics, graphic composition as well as graphic design using the latest computer technology. During laboratory classes students become familiar with the hardware and software supporting graphics processing, preparing publications for print, create multimedia and graphic design for the Internet needs.

BA specialties
Computer Graphics and DTP (BA)
Language Preparatory School (PLS) aims to prepare future students for their studies conducted in Polish or English. Completion of the PLS gives you the opportunity to participate in classes and smooth functioning in the academic environment.

During the course, participants learn the basics of the language and gain the ability to communicate in a foreign language at a basic level. The PLS program we adjust to the individual needs of the participants. For people who want to expand their knowledge with the range of material related to their interests we have prepared an additional number of hours. The participant after passing the final test of the Polish and English language is able to obtain the Certificate of the Language of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw. Participants English course may pass the most popular exam in English and get the TOEIC certificate.

Study, live and work in Warsaw

Warsaw – the capital of Poland. This colorful, academic and full of contrasts city is the crossroad where Western and Eastern cultures merge.

For students Warsaw is a place where they can make new friends and professional contacts. Warsaw is a bustling metropolis and features an unforgettable history. A city where a fourth of the terrain is covered by parkland and a city of culture for all tastes and budgets....

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How to apply - a short guide for candidates

Applying for a course at university of economics and human sciences in Warsaw may seem complicated at first. In the presented video we’ll show you that it much simpler than it seems. The video covers creating your ufm.vizja account, all the documents you have to submit, the process of submitting them, the process of receiving conditional offer letter and also everything you have to do after receiving visa and arriving in Poland for your studies.


Meet UEHS will show you our latterly build campus. You will see some of the classes and rooms of our university including:

• Biology room

• Chemistry room

• Modern Library

• Sport Hall

• Informatics Room

• Law Room

Study at UEHS - Student Guide

Our student guide is aimed for our first-year students and candidates. The video will inform you about our campus, it’s employees, authorities and different
departments that you should know as a student of AEH.

You will learn about functioning of the university, meet:
→ our Rector Dr Konrad Janowski
→ the Dean of all English speaking students – Dr Arif Erkol
→ Coordinator of Welcome Office – Viktoriia Malysh
→ the representative for the Academic Housing Network – Huseyin Guler
→ Director of Academic Sports Association – Damian Korkosz
→ representative for office for people with disabilities – Tomasz Michalak
→ representatives for our International Office – Gabriela Klimczak and Maksym Goshzhanov