A step by step guide

A step by step guide to receive your scholarship to study at UFM

The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw has introduced four European Union funded scholarship programs:

Bachelor’s degree:
Innovative Business Management
Contemporary Finance and Accounting

Master’s degree:
Business and Strategic Management
Advanced Finance and Accounting

For each program there are 2 scholarships available:

  1. 500 Euro yearly scholarship for tuition fee
    With this scholarship you will have reduced your yearly tuition fee by 500 Euro on each academic year. The regular tuition fee is 1900 Euro. Tuition fee with scholarship is 1400 Euro. This scholarship will be granted to all candidates that are accepted to study at UFM on one of the EU funded programs.
  2. 1000 PLN (apx 240 Euro) monthly scholarship.
    This scholarship will cover most of your living expenses during the period of study. This scholarship will be granted for limited number of best candidates based on previous academic merits.
Once you apply to study at UFM you have the possibility to get either both scholarships or only 500 Euro scholarship.

To get 500 Euro scholarship you need to complete following steps:

STEP 1- Register on the website: www.euprogrammes.vizja.pl

Here you can choose your program and fill in the recruitment form. To successfully finish this step you will need to provide:
  • Your personal data such as your name, surname, date and place of birth, nationality etc.
  • Your passport or ID number
  • Additional information such as previous education and correspondence address
After completing the registration form you will get your user name and login password to login into your enrollment account. Please keep this information because you will be using it during the next steps.
Please note that after registration, enrollment office staff will contact you and advise on any questions you might have.

STEP 2 - Login into your enrollment account

Login into your enrollment account (extranet) and manage your application.
In this step you need to login into your enrollment account. There you can manage all your personal data, upload scans of documents and make payments.

STEP 3 - Collect the required documents

In this step you need to upload all required documents. There are several documents that have to be collected during enrollment process but not all of them are required in order to be accepted to study. To be accepted for studies at UFM you need to upload:
  • scan of your passport
  • document confirming your previous education such as:
    • high school graduation diploma (for example: Atestat, GCAS, IB) - if you are applying for the bachelor’s program
    • or bachelor’s or master’s degree diploma – if you are applying for the master’s program
  • language certificate - IELTS 6.0 or equivalent such as TOEFL, FCE etc.
    Language certificate is not required if you can prove your language skills by Skype or a WhatsApp interview.

STEP 4 - Offer letter and tuition fee payment

When you upload documents, UFM will send you an offer letter. That means UFM has examined your documents and has conditionally accepted you to study. The only condition to be definitely accepted is to pay the tuition fee (1400 Euro). Please note that the amount of tuition fee is reduced from 1900 Euro to 1400 Euro by 500 Euro scholarship.

STEP 5 - Acceptance letter

When you pay the tuition fee, UFM will send you an acceptance letter. That means you have been definitely accepted to study. Now you can be sure you have been granted 500 Euro yearly scholarship.

STEP 6 - Additional documents and visa

When you are accepted to study, you need to collect all documents necessary to get your national D-type visa. Please follow this link to get more details about visa process.
Please note that the acceptance letter from UFM is the prove of the purpose of your visit. The types and number of supplementary documents may differ depending on the consular office. In this connection we advise you to contact the relevant consulate in your country to obtain full information concerning the documents needed when submitting a visa application.

STEP 7 - When you arrive to UFM

When you arrive to UFM please remember to bring all original documents with you. Our welcome office will assist you to successfully organize your staying in Poland and complete all other formalities.

STEP 8 - Additional scholarship of 240 Euro monthly

The additional 1000 PLN (apx. 240 EURO) monthly scholarship for the duration of studies, towards living expenses, will be granted to the best candidates, based on previous academic merits. The number of scholarships is limited to 25 of the best students for each bachelor’s program and 10 of the best students for each master’s program.

This scholarship will be granted at the beginning of the academic year – in October 2018. UFM will examine your academic merits in the following order of importance:
  1. Grade Points Average
  2. Language proficiency level (based on certificate)
  3. Additional achievements (for example recommendation letter, work experience, scientific activities, social activities, additional certificates)

Questions and Answers

1. How can I be sure I will get the 500 Euro scholarship?
When you are accepted to study at UFM for one of the EU funded programs (you have completed successfully steps 1 to 5) , this scholarship is granted automatically.
2. How can I be sure I will get the 240 Euro monthly scholarship?
Because this scholarship is based on previous academic merits, you can’t be 100% sure you will get it until the final results of the competition are announced. It depends on how many candidates with high grades apply for these programs. But if you have a high GPA and good language skills, you will have a good chance of receiving this scholarship.

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