Contemporary Finance and Accounting (BA)

Contemporary Finance and Accounting (BA)

Degree: Bachelor's degree
Field of study Finance and Accounting
Mode: full-time study
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
Language: English

Program characteristics

A gate opener to anyone eager to widen their understanding of various financial, business legal and regulatory, as well as other related aspects in the field of contemporary finance and accounting. The course will prepare the candidate to confront and deal with the challenges faced during their career path.

Mathematics for economists
Applied econometrics
Statistics applications
Contemporary microeconomics
Macroeconomics and policy
Development economics
Finance and accounting fundamentals
Financial Accounting and Financial Analysis – contemporary approaches & methods
Legal and regulatory basis of finance and accounting
Modern computer accounting packages - applications and simulations
Quantitative methods in finances and financial analysis. - basics and applications;
Financial markets and other modern sources of financing the development of enterprises
Investment decisions and asset management of modern enterprises
Corporate finance management -modern challenges and methods
Financial and tax analysis audit – approaches and applications
Business financing, capital and liquidity management - trends and practice
Valuation and management of the value of enterprises, mergers and acquisitions - contemporary practices
Regulations, supervision and financial control institutions

October intake
Tuition fees for candidates from EU and countries listed below*

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150 Euro 1900 Euro 2400 Euro 2x1100 Euro 2x1350 Euro

*Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgystan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine

October intake
Tuition fees for Non-Eu members

Year Payment Semester Payment
Admission Fee Discount Without discount Discount Without discount
150 Euro 2900 Euro 3400 Euro 2x1600 Euro 2x1850 Euro

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