Marketing in the Company (BA)

Marketing in the Company (BA)

Degree: Bachelor's degree
Field of study Management
Mode: full-time study
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
Language: English

Program characteristics

Program of specialization covers many issues on the marketing process management in the enterprise and the effective use of marketing tools. The aim of the specialization is to provide theoretical knowledge of building a marketing strategy as well as practical skills to anticipate consumer needs and effective communication with the market.

Specialized classes are taught by educators with years of academic experience and specialists, members of management and supervisory boards of the largest consulting companies operating on the international market.

Knowledge and skills
Search for sales markets
Developing and building the image of an enterprise, institution, brand, product
Recognizing the needs of buyers and selection of the target market
Carrying out effective negotiations and mediation
Preparation of executive for the marketing management
Planning and implementation of marketing research
Management of the sales department
Planning and implementation of promotion strategies
Planning and implementation of advertising campaigns on the Internet
Analysis and pricing principles
Market analysis in different cross sections
Introduction of new products on the market
Preparation of presentations and speaking in public

Tuition fees for candidates from EU and countries listed below*

Admission fee 150 Euro
Tuition (year payment) 2000 Euro
Tuition (semester payment) 2x1150 Euro

*Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgystan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine

Tuition fees for Non-EU members

Admission fee 150 Euro
Tuition (year payment) 3000 Euro
Tuition (semester payment) 2x1650 Euro
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