About the Programme

Erasmus+ is a programme for the university, its students and employees. Its purpose is to support international cooperation between universities, allow students to travel abroad to pursue partial studies and traineeship, promote university staff mobility, and open up numerous opportunities to universities for participation in projects with foreign partners.

Poland has been participating in the Erasmus programme since 1998/99. In the period 1995-2006 Erasmus was part of a community programme Socrates, and in the academic year 2007/2008, it became part of the European Union’s “Lifelong Learning Programme” for education and professional development for the years 2007-2013, which was, first and foremost, intended to enhance the quality and attractiveness of education and facilitate international cooperation and educational exchange. Currently, the Erasmus+ programme has replaced the LLP Erasmus. It remains in effect until 2020.

In principle, the framework of the Erasmus+ Programme is not very much different from the Lifelong Learning Programme that has just terminated. The new programme places the biggest emphasis on formal and nonformal education serving to develop the skills of students, teachers, and employees and improve their situation on the labour market.

In particular, the programme stresses the significance of intersectoral cooperation (i.e., among different educational sectors, institutions on various levels and with various profiles) and enhancement of the effect of synergy between education sectors and the work environment.