Principles of customer service – preventing and counteracting COVID-19

Dear Sir or Madam!

We would like to kindly inform you that from May 27, 2020, the offices of administrative units of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw are resuming their activities in the field of stationary customer service. However , due to the current state of the epidemic and in accordance with all recommendations regarding actions to counteract, prevent and combat COVID-19, we recommend that you continue to use the option of settling all matters by phone or e-mail. The university has introduced a number of amenities and procedures that allow you to deal with most matters remotely without the need to appear at the university’s premises.

If it is necessary to deal with a given matter in person, it is obligatory to contact the unit responsible for a given matter by phone in order to arrange an appointment. Telephone numbers are listed below

There are also rules of the sanitary regime in the university building:

  • after entering the building, you should disinfect your hands or wear gloves, then enter the register of external visitors available at the main reception desk of the campus on the ground floor;
  • the receptionist has the right to ask for information regarding the purpose of the visit at the university;
  • on the premises of the building, each external visitors are obliged to cover his nose and mouth;
  • one lift can be used by a maximum of two people at the same time, and it is recommended stand as far apart as is possible
  • an external visitors can only move on the designated floors, from the ground floor to the 6th floor;
  • hands should be disinfected again before entering the administrative office
  • a maximum of three people can be served at the Student Service Office at the same time;

We also remind you that, in accordance with the announcement of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of May 19, 2020, during the suspension or limitation of the functioning of the university and for 60 days after its end, student and doctoral ID cards and academic teachers’ ID cards are valid, without the need to confirm their validity. This also applies to cards that expired within 30 days preceding the limitation or suspension of the university’s operation. At the same time, we would like to inform you that the resumption of activities in the field of stationary student services does not end the period of limited functioning of the university.

Below we provide you with contact details for individual offices of administrative units. Please note that before visiting the university, you should contact the appropriate unit to determine the date of settling the case:

Rector's office

Debt Collection Department

Student Service Office

Bursar’s Office

Cash desk / Documentation Department

Erasmus Program Office

Recruitment Department

Post -graduate Studies

Office for People with Disabilities

Please observe all the rules of the sanitary regime on the campus of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw. Please be advised that the University reserves the right to ask a given person to leave the building in the event of non-compliance with the safety rules. The purpose of all
the restrictions introduced by us is to ensure the safety of all people in the building – both students, employees and other external visitors.