Corporate Accounting (MA)

Corporate Accounting

Degree: Master's degree
Field of study Finance and Accounting
Mode: full-time study
Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
Language: English

Program characteristics

This specialization prepares the students towards employment in accounting and bookkeeping departments, working in controlling, corporate governance and financial advisory. It also prepares them to work as heads of accounting and financial departments in enterprises of production, trade, services, insurance, as well as in public institutions and state and local administration.

Knowledge and skills
organize and conduct debates and evaluate and actively discuss various opinions and positions in the field of finance and accounting
communicate with specialized and advanced terminology in the field of finance and accounting, using modern technological solutions
analyze, forecast and model social and economic processes and phenomena, using advanced methods and diagnostic and research tools appropriate for finance and accounting
legal, the economic and social conditions and main trends in the development of finance and accounting, as well as the terminology used in various areas of research in this field
the structure of the financial system, including financial instruments, markets and institutions
the methods of describing financial phenomena, including financial data acquisition and processing techniques and methods of analysis and modelling financial processes
the advanced rules of preparing and auditing separate and consolidated financial statements in business entities, including financial institutions and public sector entities
the influence of international finance on the state, the activities of economic entities and the functioning of households
comprehensive management of financial sector entities, including banking

October intake Master's degree
Tuition fees for candidates from EU and countries listed below*

Year Payment Semester Payment
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150 Euro 2000 Euro 2500 Euro 2x1150 Euro 2x1400 Euro
*Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgystan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

October intake Master's degree
Tuition fees for Non-Eu members

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200 Euro 3000 Euro 3500 Euro 2x1650 Euro 2x1900 Euro

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