International Finance (MA)

International Finance

Degree: Master's degree
Field of study Finance and Accounting
Mode: full-time study
Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)
Language: English

Program characteristics

This specialization equips the students with knowledge, skills and qualifications in the field of international trade, international financial and commercial transactions, their collateral, financing and settlement with the use of modern forms of payment. It also enables the acquisition of knowledge and skills in currency risk management, stock exchange listings, transactions on international commodity and financial exchanges, functioning of the international banking system and international financial institutions. Banks and international financial institutions, as well as national companies and international corporations, including transnational corporations, are the target employment for the graduates.

Knowledge and skills
economic and financial law
organize and conduct debates and evaluate and actively discuss various opinions and positions in the field of finance and accounting
creatively modify existing tools or develop new methods, tools and instruments required to solve new or atypical financial and accounting problems
principles of industrial property and copyright protection
the social, economic, legal, ethical and other conditions necessary for professional activity in finance and accounting, as well as the consequences resulting from it
the relationship between different social, economic and financial systems and institutions, both at national and international level
the key theories, phenomena, processes, regularities and mechanisms affecting the development of modern finance and accounting
the place and role of modern social sciences, including economics and finance and related methods and theories, as well as the relationships between them
the influence of international finance on the state, the activities of economic entities and the functioning of households

October intake Master's degree
Tuition fees for candidates from EU and countries listed below*

Year Payment Semester Payment
Admission Fee Discount Without discount Discount Without discount
150 Euro 2000 Euro 2500 Euro 2x1150 Euro 2x1400 Euro
*Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgystan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

October intake Master's degree
Tuition fees for Non-Eu members

Year Payment Semester Payment
Admission Fee Discount Without discount Discount Without discount
200 Euro 3000 Euro 3500 Euro 2x1650 Euro 2x1900 Euro

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