Preparatory Language School

Preparatory Language School

Program characteristics

Language Preparatory School (PLS) aims to prepare future students for their studies conducted in Polish or English. Completion of the PLS gives you the opportunity to participate in classes and smooth functioning in the academic environment.

During the course, participants learn the basics of the language and gain the ability to communicate in a foreign language at a basic level. The PLS program we adjust to the individual needs of the participants. For people who want to expand their knowledge with the range of material related to their interests we have prepared an additional number of hours.

The participant after passing the final test of the Polish and English language is able to obtain the Certificate of the Language of the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw. Participants English course may pass the most popular exam in English and get the Cambridge English or TOEIC certificate.

Activities within the the PLS are conducted in small groups by experienced academic staff. They are suitable not only for the candidates for studies but also for all those who want to expand their knowledge of Polish or English. Our course offers the prospect to test knowledge in natural conditions and gain new experiences and helps break down the language barriers. The biggest advantage is to increase knowledge about Polish culture and tradition. It is also a great opportunity to make new international friends.