Psychology Bachelor’s Program - 3 years (6 semesters)

Our Bachelor’s Program in Psychology will let you gain knowledge and competence in the field of human mind and behavior. The curriculum involves courses which enable you to discover and broaden your understanding of some of the most fascinating mysteries of the human mind. Our Psychology Program will also equip you with practical skills building up your excellence in interpersonal communication and relationships. You will also learn how to practically apply the knowledge in order to solve psychological problems arising in a range of professional and everyday life situational contexts. Students can expect the courses covering such topics as cognition, emotions and motivation, personality, social influence, psychology of business and management, coaching and counselling, psychological tests and assessment, and many more. By choosing from a wide array of courses you will have an opportunity to create your own educational path that suits best your interests and future career. Successful graduates will hold Bachelor’s in Psychology and can apply for jobs in all institutions and professional settings where psychological competence is necessary. This includes companies and institutions dealing with human resources, education, business counselling, public relations, marketing, social services, advertising, social surveys and research, and many more. Graduates will also have an opportunity to advance their education by continuing with the Master’s Program in Psychology to become a fully qualified psychologist or with other Master’s programs to gain qualifications in a different field.

Psychology Master’s Program - 2 years (4 semesters)

Our Master’s Program in Psychology is designed as an educational path leading the Student to become a fully qualified psychologist. It is dedicated to holders of Bachelor’s degree in psychology or a related discipline. During this program you will be trained in one of two major fields of applied psychology: Clinical and Counselling Psychology or Business Psychology. During both programs you will learn how to prepare and carry out your own research project which will be the basis for completion of your master thesis.

BA studies
Neuromarketing (BA)
Psychology (BA)(MA)
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Psychology of Business and Leadership (MA)
Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (MA)