Neuromarketing (BA)


Degree: Bachelor's degree
Field of study Psychology
Mode: full-time study
Duration: 3 years (6 semesters)
Language: English

Program characteristics

Neuromarketing is one of the fastest growing branches of practical application of psychology in commercial services. This is not a temporary fashion or just a media curiosity. Students of the University of Economics and Human Sciences studying Psychology and specializing in Neuromarketing will have a unique opportunity to learn about the neuropsychological basis of consumer behavior and learn how to use advanced apparatus used in neuromarketing research, such as EEG and eye-tracker in practice.

Knowledge and skills
social conditions (economic, legal, psychological, ethical and other) of being a psychologist, as well as possible social consequences resulting from practical professional activity
the philosophical foundations of contemporary social science disciplines, including psychology, their mutual relations and correct scientific inference methods
the historical determinants of the development of modern psychology and advanced terminology from the various research and practical areas of psychology
social relations, various social phenomena, processes and mechanisms regulating human behavior in social groups
acknowledge the ethical principles of psychological activity and are guided by them in situations where ethical and professional dilemmas arise; in consultation with the other psychologists, develop the ethical principles and observe them
conduct a psychological analysis of human personality and behavior, with scientifically proven methods, taking into account their various applications
plan and implement a research process aimed at solving specific research problems in psychology, design appropriate research tools, carry out statistical analysis of data and its presentation, while respecting professional ethics

October intake Bachelor's degree
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150 Euro 2000 Euro 2500 Euro 2x1150 Euro 2x1400 Euro
*Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgystan, Macedonia, Moldova, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan

October intake Bachelor's degree
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