Searching for a receiving institution

The university recommends the students to single-handedly search for a receiving institution. We recommend to look through cooperation offers posted on the website of the National Agency at Below you will find contact details of companies accepting students for traineeship and companies acting as intermediaries in organising the traineeship. The university does not mediate in contacts with the companies listed below and does not assume responsibility for the quality and course of the traineeship they offer.

No. Name of institution Country Contact Academic Major
1. Mazars S.p.A. Italy Finance and Accounting
2. Capstone Assurance LTD Malta Finance and Accounting
3. ARQ Corporate Limited Malta Finance and Accounting
4. Europroyectos Leonardo da Vinci Spain Political Science
5. Polish Psychologists Association Great Britain Psychology
6. Polish Cultural Foundation Great Britain Psychology
7. Cognitive Psychology and Ergonomics University of Twente the Netherlands Psychology
8. Pra Services Great Britain Psychology
9. Hellenic Culture Centre Greece Psychology
10. IAESTE LC Thessaolniki Greece Psychology
11. Manpower Belgium SA/NV Belgium Psychology
12. Dayinlarli Law Office Turkey Psychology
13. Fachklinik Hofheim GmbH Germany Psychology
14. Sozialmediznisches Zentrum Ost der Stadt Wien Austria Psychology
15. City University London Great Britain Psychology
16. DOLFI 1920- Malas de Viagem, Unip. Lda. Portugal Psychology/Finance and Accounting
17. ECQUI GmbH Austria Management
18. Rent Electric Barcelona Spain Management
19. Martschin&Partner Sector J Austria
20. Medplaya/ Hotel Santa Monica Spain Management

We advise to use search engines of offers of international traineeships:

List of partner universities

No. University code University name Country City Website
1. SK PRESOV02 Vysoka skola medzinarodneho podnikania ISM Slovakia Presov
2. RO BUCURES13 National School of Political Sciences and Public Administration Romania Bucharest
3. P LISBOA58 Instituto Superior de Comunicaçao Empresarial – ISCEM Portugal Lisbon
4. TR DIYARBA01 Dicle University Turkey Diyarbakir
5. SI CELJE 03 International School for Social and Business Studies Slovenia Celje
6. SK ZILINA01 Zilinska Univerzita v Ziline Slovakia Zilina
7. HR PULA01 Juraj Dobrila University of Pula Croatia Pula
8. F BORDEAU58 University of Bordeaux France Pessac/ Bordeaux
9. D WISMAR01 Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences:
Technology, Business and Design
Germany Wismar